We offer E-transformation services for currently existing offline business models into a comparable online model. While mapping the business model into a digital one, we take into consideration preserving the already existing strategic core and how we can make the best out of it while adapting to the nature of the hosting digital and online platforms.


E-Transformation and Online Business Consulting Services

The core offering for A-Tech E-Business line is the combination of E-Business consulting services and website development services. A-Tech excels in transforming offline business models into comparable profitable online models. Additionally, A-Tech offers advisory and consulting services throughout a series of workshops to help its clients establish an online business from scratch.

Profile Website

CMS-Based Website

E-Commerce Website

Custom Website

The websites offered by A-Tech group are characterized by:

  • Adherence to W3C standards
  • Digital Marketing ready
  • Mobile Friendly

In addition to web design and development offerings, A-Tech group manages and maintains domain registration and web hosting for its clients.