refers to the set of activities performed by a business entity with one or more of the following objectives:

  • Establishing a profitable online business.
  • Transforming an existing offline business into a comparable profitable online presence.
  • Driving and sustaining traffic to a website.
  • Creating a buzz around a business, brand or activity.
  • Spreading word-of-mouth over social media platforms to propagate a certain ideology.
  • Analyzing online traffic and users’ behavior to identify major strengths & weaknesses.

E-Business Scope


We offer E-transformation services for currently existing offline business models into a comparable online model. While mapping the business model into a digital one, we take into consideration preserving the already existing strategic core and how we can make the best out of it while adapting to the nature of the hosting digital and online platforms.

Digital Marketing

We deliver a broadband of E-Marketing services that aim at emphasizing the role of an online website or business throughout driving more traffic and building online communities around it.